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I first started my blogging career in 2009 when I started Simply Delicious, a food blog focussing on the food I cooked for my friends and family. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would take off the way it did and become one of the most successful blogs in the country (humble brag alert!). From a simple, little blog, a mighty career was born. I am now a cookbook author, food stylist and photographer and a recipe developer. It’s an absolute dream come true and I feel like the luckiest person to be doing something I love so much.

The funny thing is that prior to starting Simply Delicious, I didn’t have any experience with food. Other than loving to cook and loving to eat. And now it’s my job. The job I initially chose for myself was that of make-up and hair artist. You see, I had always been obsessed with make-up. When I was around 12, my mom started buying me teen glossy magazines. I think my first one was a magazine called “Blush”. I absolutely LOVED Blush. It was filled with pretty girls dressed in pretty clothes and I always wondered how I could be part of something like that. Then I noticed the tiny print in the corner. It had the credits of the model, photographer, stylist, hair stylist and make-up artist. The last credit stood out to me. I had always loved playing with my mom’s make-up and had never thought of it as a job.


Throughout high school, I was always the one who loved make-up. I would be the one getting into trouble because I was wearing kohl pencil or shimmery blush or bronzer to school. I was the one who first tried self-tan and went to school with orange-streaked legs smelling of Piz Buin. I just loved all that stuff. So when it came to choosing what I would do after school it was pretty obvious. I decided to do a year long course in make-up artistry and design which included everything from everyday make-up to the more avant garde fashion looks. I also did a 6 month course in special effect make-up which included bald caps, false teeth, prosthesis and wounds (which were a personal favourite of mine). After I got my diplomas I freelanced for a while doing everything from magazine and TV work to shows for Jenni Button, Hilton Weiner and Goldwell. I decided to further my education by studying Cosmotology and was just starting my apprenticeship at a prominent Joburg salon when I fell pregnant with the twins. In all honesty, it was a God-send because salon-life was not for me, so I was quite happy to give that up but I really missed the freelance jobs I used to do. After a year of staying at home with the twins, I started Simply Delicious. It’s quite odd that I didn’t start a beauty blog, with my background, but I guess my career in food was just meant to be.

And so, here I am. I decided to branch out from Simply Delicious and create a beauty blog. I find this blog to be quite self-indulgent as it really is just for me and the things that I love. I hope to share many reviews with you of my favourite products as well as tutorials for make-up and hair looks along with a few other bits and bobs. I feel like I have so much to catch up on, the beauty world has changed a little since I was in it almost 6 years ago but I am so excited to pick up where I left off and to share this journey with you.

If there’s anything in specific you’d like to see on Simply Delicious Beauty, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

You can find me merrily Pinning, Instagramming, Tweeting and Facebooking at the following:

Pinterest: Simply Delicious Beauty or Alida Ryder

Instagram: @SimplyDBeauty or @alidaryder

Twitter: @SimplyDelishSA

Facebook: Simply Delicious Beauty

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  • Jess

    My beauty skills are comprised of using mascara and a GHD. Looking forward to reading your reviews and tips, hopefully I will learn a thing or two.

    All the best with your new venture!

    • Alida

      Thanks so much Jess. I hope I can teach you loads! 😉

  • Saf

    Hi Alida. I’m a huge fan of your food blog so I’m really looking forward to your beauty blog posts. I’m hoping for refreshing content as well as beauty budget tips. Very excited about this!

    • Alida Ryder

      Thanks for your lovely comment! Beauty on a budget is totally my thing so you can look forward to lots of that! 😉

  • Colleen Grove

    A beauty blog? I have often wondered why you didn’t do this! Congratulations. May it be very successful for you Alida.xx

  • Nasheta

    Hi – I just came across your blog – and your name seemed so familiar until I read this post! I love your food blog – and I’m sure that I’ll love your beauty blog just as much! Looking forward to reading all your reviews etc.

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