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I was researching hair stuff a while ago when I came across It doesn’t take much to get me excited but when there’s an entire website dedicated to all my favourite hair care brands, they offer discounts AND they remove the need for me to go into a salon where I have to talk to snooty salon staff, the excitement levels reach an all-time high! I browsed, dropped things in my virtual basket and was met with quite a bit of side-eye from C. Joico treatment shampoo

I was very excited to see they stocked Joico which is a brand I was first introduced to at the Follicle Hair Atelier (the salon I do my hair/am an ambassador for/is my happy place). I’ve used their colour conditioner in the past and my stylist Cornel (hair fairy of epic proportions) has been telling me I need to get their treatment shampoo forever as I have incredibly dry and sensitive scalp which tends to get especially problematic when I’m stressed. I have been known to scratch like a monkey… Anyway, I saw they stocked this specific shampoo and even thought I’d give it a go. I only wash my hair once or twice a week because honestly, washing and drying this hair is just too much of a mission to do more often, so I’ve only used it twice since I’ve had it BUT the difference in my scalp is too great to even try to explain. Usually by day 3 after washing my hair my scalp becomes itchy and irritated. Since using this shampoo, there’s been none of that and my scalp feels properly soothed and nourished.

L'oreal Inoacolor  L'oreal Absolut repair

I also decided to buy two L’oreal Professionnel products because I’ve been a fan of the brand since I worked in salons ages ago. I bought the Inoa Color Care Masque because I’ve been needing to stock up on a hair mask and since I’ve ombréd my hair, I’ve noticed my ends being very dry and grassy, which is what happens when you bleach your hair. I’ve used this twice (I use it once a week) and again, I was blown away. My hair is very knotty even though it’s so thick and applying just a tiny blob of this and working it through my ends untangles it immediately. My hair is so silky and soft after using this mask and the scent is just lovely. I also bought the Absolut Repair Cellular Spray which is a really great product if you often heat-style your hair. I have to be honest, this is something I’ve never really done before because before I’d ombréd my hair, I didn’t really feel it necessary but now it’s a non-negotiable. This is a really light-weight product which doesn’t weigh your hair down but leaves it feeling very silky once blow-dried/heat-styled. Definitely a new favourite.

Shaun the sheep tangle teezer

Then, finally, I bought a Tangle Teezer. Now I know that I am VERY late on this bandwagon but I always find I rebel a little against things people love a lot. Why is that? Anyhoo, I decided to get one because both my 5 year old daugther, Abi & I struggle with tangly hair AND because it’s a SHAUN THE SHEEP ONE!! How bloody cute? I mean, obviously I pretend that the Shaun the Sheep is for her but really she couldn’t care less and it’s all for me and I am too excited about this Tangle Teezer!! In all seriousness though, this little thing is seriously deserving of all the hype. Never have a I found a brush/comb that can detangle both Abi & my hair like this. No snagging, no pulling and no more hair being ripped out of my skull because I’m tired of struggling with a knot. Win!

All-in-all, my shopping experience with Everything Hair was such an absolute pleasure and they will definitely see more of me in the future. Not only did my package arrive super quickly but there was a bit of confusion around my payment (it looked like it went through twice but didn’t really) and they phoned me immediately to sort it out. They also have free delivery if you order above a certain amount ( I think it’s R900) and they give you 10% discount if you spend a certain amount so basically there is no reason NOT to shop there! Also, they sent me a lovely little head massager/comb thingie as a pressie and who doesn’t love free stuff? No-one that’s who!

*Disclaimer : Even though it might seem like I’m gushing way too much to not be paid by Everything Hair, this is a completely independent post and I haven’t received any goods/payment from them.

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