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For once, my skin has been acting relatively well-behaved this winter unlike previous winters when severe dry patches and flakiness ruled the day. Nevertheless, I’ve upped the amount of hydrating products I apply to my skin and I think this has helped keep those nasties at bay. My favourites this month include some of the ultra nourishing and hydrating products I use on my skin during the colder months but if you want to know what I use to carry me through winter, have a look at my Winter Essentials post from last week.

Lorac Pro Palette

Lorac Pro Palette

I waxed lyrical about this gorgeous palette in the review I did so I won’t go on about it any more. All you need to know is that I’ve been using this pretty much every single day for the last month. I am working on a few tutorials using it because it is just the most versatile palette I’ve ever used.

Head & Shoulders shampoo

Head & Shoulders Soothing Care shampoo

Not exactly the most glamorous product but when you have sensitive, dry scalp issues, you need all the help you can get. My scalp gets especially dry and itchy when I’m stressed and this shampoo has been an absolute life saver. I’ve been using it exclusively for the last month and my scalp has never been in such good condition. The eucalyptus immediately calms any itchiness and leaves your scalp feeling soothed. Obsessed with this stuff.

Nivea Creme Care

Nivea Creme Care Shower Cream

The classic little blue pot in body wash form. Such a fabulous idea. Everyone knows the iconic little blue tins of Nivea Creme (I remember my gran always had a little pot in her bag) and so when this shower cream was released, I immediately picked up a bottle. The scent is unobtrusive and the cream lathers beautifully. This body wash leaves my skin feeling silky and soft and it’s ridiculously cheap. Can’t ask for much more in a shower gel.

Trevor Sorbie Dry Shampoo

Trevor Sorbie Dry Shampoo

I am a Batiste fan of note but when I saw this a while ago, I was intrigued. I have been using it throughout June and I must say, I am very impressed. Because I have dry scalp, I need to be very careful when using dry shampoo as it can dry my scalp out even more and leaves me with incredibly itchy, flaky skin. This, however, doesn’t. It does leave a little white residue on my hair if I spray it too close to the roots but I just work it in with my fingers and brush it through to get rid of any powderiness. If you’re looking for an affordable, drug store dry shampoo, give this one a try.

Soap & Glory Hand Food

Soap & Glory Handfood

Again, I wrote about this in my Winter Essentials post so I won’t go on too much. I love that it sinks in quickly, leaves my hands soft and the smell. Oh, sweet glory this stuff smells amazing.

Marc Jacobs Jezebel

Marc Jacobs nail polish in Jezebel

I was initially drawn to this because of the name. I’ve always loved the word Jezebel (read into that what you will) but I was also looking for a deep, dark red nail colour for winter. I was not disappointed. This is, for me, the absolute perfect red for winter. It’s incredibly rich and dark making it the perfect ox blood colour and has incredibly shine appeal. It’s also relatively long lasting. My only gripe with this is that you have to remove the lid to get to the applicator thingymabob and I HATE it when brands do that. So many unnecessary parts. But all in all, a really fabulous nail polish.

Nuxe Reve de Miel

Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm

Again, one mentioned in my Winter Essentials post. Iconic product and much hyped but all with good reason. This stuff is simply amazing.

BalmBalm Rosehip oil

BalmBalm Rosehip facial oil

Ok, there’s a pattern here. Read more about it in my Winter Essentials post (sigh). What I will say though is that I used this as my ‘massage oil’ for my weekly facial massage. That sounds so legit but in fact it’s just me, in my bathroom, rubbing stuff that smells deeelicious onto my face.

The Body Shop Vit E Eyecream

The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream

I had been looking for a good, moisturising eye cream when I stumbled upon this around 6 weeks ago and now I am absolutely in love. As it is I’m a massive fan of anything The Body Shop does but their Vitamin E range has been especially wonderful now during these cold months. This isn’t a wonder product that will cure your dark circles or miraculously get rid of your wrinkles but it’s very moisturising and leaves the delicate skin around my eyes feeling well nourished and taken care of.

What have been your favourites of the month? Anything you think I should be trying? Please leave it in the comments below, I’m always looking for new products to try.




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