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Aldo tan handbag

I am an incredibly curious (read: nosey) person and so I always love it when bloggers do “What’s in my bag?” blog posts. I thought it a good idea to do one myself and so, here it is. Disclaimer: I did tidy my bag a little by throwing out all the random slips, tissues, old sweet papers and kids toys that I usually have in there. Surprisingly, there’s still a whole lot of crap left. Sigh.

The bag I’m using at the moment is a tan Aldo one. I am kind of obsessed with Aldo bags. They are really affordable, made well and they have a good mix of super trendy and classic bags. I always tend to lean towards a classic style because I think it goes well with everything. I have a similar one in red that I’m also using at the moment, depending on my mood that day. I always buy huge bags because I have so much stuff that needs to be with me all the time and with kids and a husband who like to dump their stuff in my bag at every opportunity they get, it’s better that way.

What's in my handbag?

What's in my handbag?

I like to keep everything in my bag that will make my life easier. I have a small little mint, teal and grey chevron bag that I use to keep any make-up and small odds and ends in.

What's in my bag?

In here I keep first aid goodies (a plastic baggy with cotton buds, alcohol swabs, plasters and safety pins), tablets (allergy medication for me, strong pain killers and anti-nausea tablets), a nail file, deodorant (because, duh!), a few make-up essentials (always a lip gloss, eye liner and powder compact, for the mirror), dental floss picks, tampons (not glam but such a necessity), hair ties and clips (for Abi (my little girl) and myself) and my favourite on-the-go lip balm, DCT by Blistex. This little bag is always stocked this way which makes it easy for me to just grab it out and pop it into another bag when I change handbags. This has also become known as “the lifesaver” to both me, my family and my friends.

Make-up and hair accessories


I also keep headache tablets, an asthma pump and energy fizzy tablet goodies in my bag. C and I both suffer from random headaches so the Panados are a must. I’m not asthmatic but I get these random allergy attacks that cause my airways to close so you know, pretty important, and then the Guransan C just for a boost if I need it while I’m out and about.

Perfume, hand cream and gum

Other necessities: Perfume (this is my all-time fave Jean Paul Gautier Classique), Hand cream (Nivea’s are always good) and chewing gum. I bought this gum only because it came in an adorable little tin.

Roberto Cavalli sunglasses

Sunglasses and a case to keep them in. These are actually not Dolce & Gabbana glasses (they are Roberto Cavalli) but Sunglass Hut didn’t have RC cases so I took this one. I think a good, sturdy case to keep your sunglasses in is a MUST in your handbag. I have so many scratched pairs and have vowed to keep this one scratch-free.

Witchery wallet


Then, of course a wallet. This one is from Witchery and I am beyond obsessed with it. I love the colour, the rose gold hardware and that it has space for a gazillion cards inside. As you can see, it’s a very messy wallet stuffed with loads of slips I need to keep for tax purposes, cards (I have a store card for every single store that offers them) and very little money except for a bit of loose change for parking or car guards.

Witchery wallet


iPhone, notebook, memory stick and pens

I always have a notebook, a selection of pens, my USB memory stick, my phone and my car keys with me. A notebook is essential for me because if I don’t write something down I’ll forget it. I also use it to note down exciting new restaurants or places to check out for my food blog and any ideas that come to me during the day. This little book holds a lot of valuable information, let me tell you (if you’re a food blogger looking for recipe ideas…).


And finally, food. I always try to keep a snack in my bag because I am one of those that get incredibly Hangry. It also helps to have something to nibble on for the twins and if we’re going to a doctor’s appointment or somewhere I know we’re likely to wait, I’ll take a few snack bars or a few packets of crackers with as well. I also always have my water bottle with my but that is currently in the dish washer.

And that’s it, what are your handbag essentials and what do you keep in your bag? I’d love to know!

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