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It’s Favourites Time!!! (Said in an Oprah voice, obviously…) Ok, weirdness over. You guys, August was an awesome month, beauty-wise for me. I found a LOT of new, amazing products and ones that have become those that you can’t imagine living without. Enough babbling, let’s get into it.

Clarins HydraQuench intensive bi-phase serum

Clarins HydraQuench Intensive serum bi-phase

Ok, ridiculously long name aside, this stuff. Oh golly gosh. I can not get enough. I first used this when I got a little sample of it with some other Clarins stuff I bought and immediately fell in love. The liquid texture was strange to me at first and it really just felt like enriched water but my skin immediately felt hydrated and plumped up. Like, the second I put this on. The combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Katafray extract injects a serious boost of moisture into your skin and helps to prevent dehydration which has been my main problem throughout winter. I use this as my serum in the mornings before applying my Hydra-Matte lotion and my skin feels perfectly prepped and primed for my make-up. Just gorgeous!

The body shop vitamin e overnight serum-in-oil

The Body Shop Vit E overnight serum-in-oil

Again, with the long names! Won’t ramble on too much about this as I did a proper review a while ago but this is without a doubt the best facial oil I’ve found this year. Absolutely obsessed with it.

The Body Shop cool & cream tea tree wash

The Body Shop cool & creamy tea tree wash

I bought this when I heard EssieButton raving about it because I am obsessed with anything tea tree. I started using this just more than a month ago and have seen an incredibly difference in my skin. I definitely have less break-outs and the congestion on and around my nose has definitely started easing up. I also love how it leaves my skin feeling cool and tingly which I think will be very welcome in the warmer months approaching.

Bourjois healthy mix correcting concealer

Bourjois Healthy mix correcting concealer

I bought this on a whim during the RubyBox sale and am SO glad I did. In general, I have trouble finding concealers that do a good job under my eyes. Because I tend to get very oily during the day, they all either split or crease or go cakey and none of that is stuff you want going on under your eyes (or anywhere, really). This however, does none of that. The formula is very creamy and easy to blend but dries down to a delicate powdery texture. It is insanely easy to blend, offers really good coverage and stays put all day. This has become a holy grail product for me, for sure!

Stile smudge crayon

Stila Smudge crayon in Umber

Again, did a mini review on this baby so pop over to read it if you want more info. All I’ll say here is, un-be-lievable!!

Bourjois happy light serum

Bourjois Happy light Matte serum primer

Another Bourjois beauty I picked up during the RubyBox sale. Bourjois is slowly becoming one of my favourite drugstore brands. Their products are seriously good value for money and are in general, just incredible. I had high hopes for this primer and I was not disappointed. It mattifies without making your skin look dead and makes my make-up last so much longer. It’s also quite moisturising (I guess that’s the serum part they talk about) and is a dream to apply. Really lightweight and it sinks in immediately.

Rimmel scandaleyes eyeshadow paint

Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeshadow paint in Rich Russet

I have Camilla from All Dolled Up to thank for this one. She raved about it at the beginning of the year and stated how disappointed she was that it wasn’t in SA yet and since then I have been hankering after it. Then, at the end of July I was strolling through Dischem (a South African drugstore) and saw it. There it was, just casually lying there in the Rimmel display. And there was only ONE LEFT. I immediately grabbed it to make sure it was the right shade and I swear, angels were singing when I saw that it was. You guys, Camilla knows her stuff. This has become an everyday item for me. I literally wear it On days that I don’t want to wear too much make-up, I blend this in lightly for a pretty sheen and on days that I want to go all out, I pile it on for the most gorgeous metallic bronze. It dries quickly though so you have to work fast but man alive, this stuff is so good! Thanks Camilla!

The Body Shop Honey bronzer

The Body Shop Honey bronzer 01

Another EssieButton inspired purchase. I’ve been loving this bronzer so much this month. I use it ever so lightly under my cheekbones, up onto my temples and a little onto my forehead to add colour and definition to my face and it works beautifully. The texture is really buttery and easy to blend and the colour is great. No Jersey Shore orange here, my friends.

L'oreal Studio line Boost & Gloss volume spray

L’Oréal Studio line Boost & Gloss volume spray

So yeah, I might not like a Jersey Shore tan but I do like me some big hair. I think I could totes be a Southern Belle with the amount of volume I love in my hair. This volume spray is great when doing “upstyles” (I SO hate that word) where you need a bit of volume. I’m not crazy about using it on my hair when I’m wearing it down as it can feel a little gritty if you use too much and I quite like my hair to feel natural and soft. But it definitely adds volume and makes your style last all day. Good stuff.


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  • Nati

    What a great selection of products! I have tried a few, but not the Clarins serum, it sounds really nice!

    • Alida

      Nati, that serum is magic! 🙂

  • Jessica Anna

    Amazing post, I must try the serum, I haven’t found the perfect serum for my skin yet, gonna give it a try soon. May I ask what camera you use, your images are amazing. Thanks x

    • Alida

      Thanks Jessica. I have a Canon 5D Mark II. I’m actually a food photographer and blogger so that’s why I have a really good camera. 😉

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