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Ok, first of all. How pathetic that I have posted nothing since my August favs post? Seriously. But in my defence, I have been ridiculously busy with foodie deadlines, organising and throwing a kitchen tea and bachelorette and then planning weekends away but I promise things will be better from now on. I have a few exciting posts coming up that I have been planning for absolute ages so no excuses!

Let’s get right into it. I’ve been using pretty much the same products that I have throughout August in September but there were a few new ones that I have absolutely loved.

The Body Shop Colour Crush lipstick #18

First up is this gorgeous lipstick by The Body Shop. I have fallen head over heels for this one. It’s their Colour Crush lipstick in #18. The colour is a gorgeous coral which applies quite sheer so you are left with just a hint of colour, which is pretty great for everyday wear and also a good introduction to wearing bright lip shades for those who are a little hesitant. The finish has a nice sheen to it and when that wears off you are left with a beautiful stained lip. Love. Definitely my go-to shade for Summer.

Trevor Sorbie Dry Shampoo

I am always looking for dry shampoos that do what they are meant to while not leaving my hair looking like I’m going for the granny-chic look or leaving my scalp feeling itchy and dried out. This Trevor Sorbie Dry Shampoo is the only one I’ve found that doesn’t leave my scalp dry and causes dandruff (my scalp is incredibly sensitive) but unfortunately it does leave a bit of white residue. However, I’ve found that if you spritz it, leave it for a bit then work it into your scalp well that disappears really quickly and then you’re just left with clean-looking hair. The scent isn’t overpowering and you can find this at most Dischems so smiles all around.

Revlon Skinlights in Bare Light

It took me a while to get the hang of Revlon’s Skinlights in Bare Light but now that I have, the love is strong. It’s a beautiful pearlescent liquid highlighter which adds just the right amount of highlighty prettiness to wherever you apply it. I love applying it with a soft brush to my cheekbones for a beautiful sheen. It’s not sparkly at all but be careful when you squeeze the tube as it’s a very liquid formula and a little goes a long way.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

With Summer in full swing, I’ve needed to reach for powder more often than not and here’s a little something about me you might not have known. I HATE POWDER. Hate, hate HATE it. I hate how it settles into any fine lines, clings to the fine hairs on my cheeks and makes me feel like an old lady in general. However, this Stay Matte Powder by Rimmel is an absolute winner. I have the shade “Translucent” and have used it everyday since I got it and am really loving it. I bought a different shade back in April but didn’t love how powdery that looked on my skin. This one however leaves my skin looking matte without leaving that powdery residue on my skin. Love.

Essence Colour & Go Off To Miami

On to nails, I have been using only two products throughout September and they are both by Essence. Firstly, their Colour & Go nail polish in Off to Miami is probably my favourite bright coral polish I have ever found. It is the perfect shade for Summer and can I just tell you? These polishes last MUCH longer on my nails than any of the more higher end ones. They brush is lovely to use and the colour range is filled with fun, bright colours. I have to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll be spending more than R50 again for a nail polish now that I’ve found these.

Essence Gel Look topcoat

I have also been obsessed with their Gel-Look topcoat. In all honesty, this is much better than gel-look because it doesn’t leave your nails looking thick, like gel can often do. It does however leave your nails looking super glossy and extends your manicure by a good few days. What’s not to love?

Nivea Express Hydration

Then lastly, I’ve been looking for a new hand lotion since Summer started, one that wasn’t too heavy and would absorb quickly but would still leave my skin feeling hydrated all day long. I have found that in Nivea’s Express Hydration lotion. The formula is lightweight and sinks in immediately and the scent is absolutely delicious. I wash my hands double the amount now just so that I can apply this lotion. Definitely a must-try if you’re not a fan of heavy, thick hand lotions.

What have you been loving throughout September? Are then any products you think I should be trying out?


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  • Simone

    Totally agree with you on the Essence nail polish. I LOVE the brush. I have so much Essie and Sally Hansen and I find the Essence brush is the best for application. I actually used a colleague’s pink colour yesterday and I love it. Was wondering why I’m spending so much on nail polish when this is half the price and does the trick?

    Will look out for that top coat as I’ve been looking for a good one.

    Do you think the lipstick would work on a darker person like me? I’m so scared of colour on my lips…I always go for nudey browns or gloss, but am itching to try something different for summer.

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