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I’ve wanted to post my skincare routine for quite some time now and feel that now is the right time because I finally feel like I’ve stumbled upon a collection of products that really work for my skin. I have seen a remarkable difference in my skin texture over the last few months and still have a few problem areas like a very, VERY oily nose which I’ve kind of made peace with now and I’m still looking for a kick-ass eye cream to prevent fine lines and wrinkles but other than that, I’m very happy with what I’m using at the moment so let’s get right into it.


Cleansers & Toners

On ridiculously lazy days, I simply sweep over my face with a face wipe in the morning to remove any sweat and dirt but this really only happens every now and then. Most morning I use The Body Shop’s Tea Tree cleansing cream which I’m just obsessed with it.  The creamy consistency doesn’t foam so doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped but the tea tree leaves your skin feeling slightly tingly and squeaky clean. I wash it off with a simple wash cloth as I find muslin really scratchy on my skin. I bought a whole pack of extra-soft white face cloths from Woolworths and have been loving them. I then follow up with Nip+Fab’s Glycolic fix pads which I just lightly wipe over my face. I love these little pads which are soaked in glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and witch hazel because they are super easy to use. I’ve also noticed my blemish scars looking a little faded since using these. On morning where I just wish to be refreshed, I use The Body Shop’s vitamin C spritz which is just deliciousness in a bottle. I often use it during the day to wake my skin up as well.

L'oreal revitalift laser renew eye cream

Eye cream

As mentioned above, I’m still looking for my dream eye cream but for now I’m using L’oreal’s Revitalift laser renew eye cream. It’s got a metal tip which is nice and cooling in the morning. The texture is more like a thick serum than a cream, which I quite like but I haven’t seen any incredible difference to my area since using this. Having said that, I don’t really have wrinkles around my eyes yet so I can’t fault it on that. But once it’s finished, I definitely will be trying something else.

Clarins Hydra-Quench bi-phase serum


At the moment I’m using Clarins HydraQuench bi-phase serum and REN’s Radiance perfection serum. I am obsessed with the Clarins. I really don’t like feeling like I have anything on my skin in the mornings before I do my make-up and this stuff delivers on that big time. It really just feels like you’re applying water to your face and my skin feels instantly hydrated and plumped. I bought the REN serum a while ago and have been using it but I’m feeling a bit meh about it, which is very disappointing because I’ve heard amazing things about this specific serum. It just leaves my skin feeling kind of tight and sticky which is not something I’m a fan of. Not sure I’ll be re-purchasing that one but the Clarins? Most definitely!

Clarins Ultra matte rebalancing lotion


Another Clarins product. Their Hydra- and Ultra Matte ranges are some of my favourite and where I use the Hydra Matte during winter, during Summer I think the Ultra Matte moisturiser works better on my skin because it tends to be quite a lot oilier then. I love that it is so lightweight and adds a boost of moisture to my skin without feeling heavy. It also smells deliciously cucumbery which I just adore.

Vichy 50+ SPF


Confession: I HATE applying sunscreen to my face. I always feel like I have a film over my skin and it feels like I’m sweating underneath that film. I don’t know if that makes any sense at all but that’s exactly how it feels and I feel uncomfortable all day while wearing it. So I’ve been on a mission to find a good, high SPF for my face and stumbled upon this one by Vichy a while ago. It’s a thinnish lotion which is lovely but I do find it a little heavy still on my face, especially now that it’s warmer. During winter, this was fab but I think I’m going to have to continue looking for a lightweight SPF so if you have any suggestions, please shout! However, I am VERY picky when it comes to SPF’s so I think this would probably work really, really well for people with normal-dry skin or people who are less bratty than me.

I will be posting my evening skin care routine on Wednesday so hold onto your hats because it’s going to be a BUMPER post. I will also be chatting about the mask and scrub I’m loving at the moment as well as all the facial oils I use at night. Get excited!


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  • Ntombi

    Hi Alida. I came to your blog as I was searching for directions on how to use the Body shops vitam e-overnight serum oil and I loved your product review(s) and your morning and night skin care routine 🙂 I have oily skin and recently I realised I was getting zits on my face which left spots from using make up everyday,I will try out the body shop’s tea tree oil as I read here that it has worked wonders for you(spots) 🙂 Thanks so much for your lovely blog,I’ll be visiting it again soon.Happy Holidays,N.

    • Alida

      I hope the tea tree oil helped. It definitely does for me! x

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