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You guys. There are 49 days left until Christmas. Fourty NINE! How the hell did that happen? Not that I’m complaining. This time of the year is my absolute favourite. The anticipation and excitement starts building and I have to be stopped because the Christmas tree will be up in mid-November and I will start singing Christmas carols to anyone who doesn’t run away fast enough. But before we get to that, I have to tell you about what I’ve been loving in October. And I’m very excited because I discovered a few gems.

L'oreal mythic oil

L’Oréal Mythic Oil Seve Protectrice

I was recently browsing everythinghair.co.za for a heat protectant for my hair as I’ve been using my curling wand and straighteners a lot lately and stumbled upon this one. Despite the price which is a bit steep, I took the plunge and decided to try it. I have never been happier about my spontaneous spending. This is the most fantastic heat protectant I have ever used. First of all, this smells better than any hair product I’ve ever tried. The black cumin oil produces the most delectable chai tea vibe and I want to lick myself once I’ve worked this through my hair. It offers a little detangling power and leaves my hair feeling so soft. I’ve also noticed less damage on the ends of my hair and even my colour looks better. This is definitely worth the price and one I would recommend to anyone who often heat-styles their hair.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

Revlon Colorstay Moisture stain 

I was SO excited to see these finally launching in SA earlier this month and immediately attacked the display swatching and trying on the different shades. And the shades are all gorgeous. I picked up Barcelona Nights and Cannes Crush which are both fantastic shades for summer. Barcelona nights is a beautiful hot pink and Cannes Crush is a lighter coral. But let’s get to the formula of these products because that is where I was most impressed. They didn’t lie when they called these “moisture stain”. On application they are quite glossy but after an hour or so the gloss disappears and you are left with a beautifully stained pout. Your lips stay moist (ugh!) for ages after that though. As I type this I’ve been wearing Cannes Crush for almost 3 hours and I’ve had coffee and water in the meantime and I can still feel the balminess on my lips. These are really awesome and the fat little doe-foot applicator makes application a breeze.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

Michelle Ori Fast liner in Dark Navy

Michelle Ori Fast liner in Dark Navy

I am just obsessed with liquid liner and creating cat eye looks but I find black to be very stark and quite heavy in the warmer months (even though I still wear it weekly) and so I have been looking for an alternative. I decided to try this fast liner by Michelle Ori because first of all, it’s really cheap and second, I know the black liner is quite good, albeit VERY liquid. I have been pleasantly surprised. This is a beautiful shade of true navy and once you get used to the liquid formula, is a breeze to apply. I’ve been loving pairing a neutral, sculpted eye with a bit of this and a coral lip this month. Also, blue liner is totes in right now and this a great, affordable way to update your look.

Michelle Ori Fast liner in Dark Navy

Clarins Be long mascara

Clarins Be Long Mascara in Intense Black

The Clarins obsession continues. Seriously. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel this way about another beauty brand but Clarins has stolen my heart good and proper. I was chatting to the Clarins gal at my local Woolies the other day and she told be about this fabulous mascara that recently launched. She said that it was her favourite of the whole range and because I’m a mascara junkie, I decided to give it a try. Verdict? I LOVE IT! This is such a fabulous lengthening mascara. The formula is not too wet (which I like) and the colour is proper, instense black. I also love that this lasts throughout the day but isn’t incredibly hard to remove at night. Nothing irritates me more than having to tug at my lashes at night. All-in-all, this is a great mascara and as an added plus, I just love the packaging. So chic.

Essie Tangerine

Essie in Tangerine

During Summer, my go-to shade is anything coral. Essie’s Tangering has been a favourite of mine for ages and I re-discovered it again this month. Nothing much needs to be said about Essie. We all know it. We all love it. If you’re looking for a lovely bright, coral-red, this one is it!

Elie Saab L'eau Couture

Elie Saab L’eau Couture

This is probably the closes I’ll ever get to wearing an Elie Saab couture gown (my absolute favourites). I have been after a nice fresh scent for Summer and was browsing the perfume counter the other day when my this beautiful little bottle caught my eye. I loved the light aqua hue and the simple packaging and then I spritzed it. Love at first sight. Or is that smell? If you follow my on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been obsessed with the Woolworths white tea & ginger candle this entire year. I have said more than once if there was a perfume that had that same smell, I would buy it in an instant. Well, I found it. L’eau Couture is a milder version of this candle and I could not be more thrilled. It’s very zesty, fresh and just delectable. I can’t stop spraying myself with this stuff. Definitely my go-to fragrance for Summer.

Revlon Skinlights in Bronze Light

Revlon Skinlights in Bronze Light

I have been using the Bare Light one recently and when I saw the bronze one, bought it immediately. I am a big fan of liquid products, especially in the warmer months. This bronzer didn’t disappoint. The formula is very liquidy and can ooze out of the packaging quite easily but I tolerate all of that because it’s such a beautiful product. It blends incredibly well and the colour is just perfect for me. I have actually started using it in my body lotion before a night out because it leaves my skin looking healthy and glowing and all J Lo. Definitely a must-have for any Summer make-up bag.

Revlon Skinlights in Bronze Light

What have you been loving this month?


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